The Dinner Party Los Angeles all came around the table last night in Lennon’s Eduardian Echo Park dining room.  This Socal Winter Chill (woosies) made the barn a rather unappealing option, so we headed in doors to eat under an antique chandelier, surf board, and galactic Katy Perry poster designed by our genius friend Trent. 

It was an awesome group — some of our friends from the original Dinner Party circle formed over two years ago, and some brave new faces.  We shared dishes that were loved by the ones we loved - which resulted in 2/3 of dinner being bomb cookies of different varietals.  Dessert for dinner, not complaining! 

Our conversation took some really beautiful turns.  We had all lost people close to our hearts, but in different circumstance - from cancer to suicide - at different times in their lives - from 25 to 55 - and at different times in our own lives - from 9 years ago to 4 months ago.  We swapped stories about the worst ‘deer in the headlights’ looks we’ve gotten from people, how our need to reflect or grieve waxes and wanes, and how the experience of loss is a power - albeit one we’d never ask for - that means we’re closer to a certain side of life than most people our age, and that this power is something to be aware of, to honor, and to use responsibly.  We got very witchy at the end, before retiring to our beds. 

Big thanks to talented photographer Jonathan Shapiro who snapped photos of the night, which we’ll be sharing with you shortly!



Posted on January 15, 2013 .