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Welcome to the club that none of us wanted to join, but are damn glad we’ve found each other now that we’re in it.

If you’re on this page, it likely means you have been matched to a Dinner Party table. If you haven’t yet, fill out our Join a Table form to get started.

Purchase your Membership

  • $35 - your membership, the amount decided on by Dinner Partiers for Dinner Partiers

  • $55 - the actual cost to match a Dinner Partier to a table

  • $70 - your annual membership and sponsoring a seat

  • $110 - your annual membership and sponsoring a seat, at cost

  • Scholarship - can’t swing it? We get it. The most important thing is getting you to a table.

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Why Membership?

We launched our $35 a year membership program in March of 2019. The actual cost to The Dinner Party is closer to $55 per person, but after talking with our community, we wanted to ensure a price that was accessible for most, with scholarships available as well. For more information on why, read a letter from our co-founders.

Any questions about any of the above? Reach out to