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We make it easier for people (especially millennials) who’ve experienced loss to show up:




We hear constantly from Dinner Partiers that the workplace is one of the hardest places to navigate their loss, and how their employer reacts is a big make-or-break for their commitment to their work. We also hear from business leaders, managers, and employees that they often don’t know how support their employees who’ve experienced loss while keeping the trains running.

We’re taking everything we’ve learned from The Dinner Party into the workplace with talkstools, and trainingsto create more supportive workplaces. We also design experiences, including dinners and retreats for those that experienced loss and those who want to support them.

Partners include: The Heart Series | Net Impact | enso 



To address childhood bereavement, the grief community made a marked shift over the last decade toward creating spaces where kids can be kids. Missing are spaces where 20- and 30-somethings can be 20- and 30-somethings. We offer tailored partnerships designed to help providers better understand, communicate with, and serve millennials, and complement clinical services with more peer-driven community-building.

Partners include: New Hope Grief Support  | Hospice Giving Foundation



We love partnering with existing communities that want to spark a conversation about loss in its many forms, and want to tap into our tools, network and team to make it happen. From a city-wide provocation on end of life with IDEO, to #100Days100Dinners, a collaborative partnership we developed with Hollaback! and Faith Matters Network, we’re always on the lookout for creative ways to turn life's most isolating experiences into sources of meaningful connection and conversation.  

Partners include: IDEO | Hollaback! | Faith Matters Network | Write_On



Dear Sheryl,

An open letter to Sheryl Sandberg

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