We’re working to compile the stories and resources that have come up around the table to support Dinner Partiers and their people. Whether you’re an avid Partier, come once, or never end up making it to a table, we hope these writings and links are helpful as you navigate life after.

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Being There: What (& what not) to say and do in the aftermath of loss

Wondering what to say and do when someone you love loses someone they love? We polled the men and women who've sat down at our tables to find out the best and worst things people said or did in the immediate aftermath of loss, and long after. We compiled the resulting tips into a downloadable guide, to help you be the friend you want to be (or at the very least, to avoid putting your foot in your mouth).

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Happy F***ing Holidays:
A Guide for Gathering

We’re reminded as we swap out our summer duds for sweaters. We’re reminded as the leaves change. We know what’s coming long before Walgreens changes its decor: The holidays draw nigh.

Whatever you celebrate, or don’t, the onslaught of “Happy Holidays!” and office parties and friends complaining about that obnoxious uncle whose company they’re dreading can be an unintended reminder of all that we no longer have, or never had to begin with.

This guidebook is for those of us who want to host holiday gatherings where all feelings are welcome; where we can talk just as much about holiday suck as we do about holiday cheer; and where the absences we feel around the table aren’t big elephants, but conversations to bring us closer together.

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One of the most consistent conversations that comes up at The Dinner Party table is the L word. Or, the other, other L word. Love.

Whether it’s dating horror stories that could be stand up comedy routines, or acts of kindness from partners who might not be in the “Club” but want to do their best to be there for us, we’re eager to share some real ass stories about what loss and love after is like.

We heard from dozens of Dinner Partiers, and rounded up the insights into these two posts.